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Artist Statement

As both a game designer and writer, I want to be able to communicate a story through my games and be liked by players.


When telling a story through games, I need to aim to follow a key concept of storytelling, “show, don’t tell.” This essentially means don’t overload the player with walls of text and lengthy explanations, tell the story through other means. Games do this well through their environments and characters. My goal is to tell a story not only through narrative but also through the level and gameplay itself. I desire to make it so that I don't have to literally tell everything to the player, they should be able to get an idea of the world just by playing.


Gameplay is a core way of storytelling, and I plan to use it. Like for RPG's, you need to make it understandable that the story of the game can only be told through the RPG genre. I aim to make sure that I can make absolutely obvious that the game the player is experiencing can only be told through what genre the game is, and can be loved and memorable by the player.

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