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"Weather Hunter" Bullet Hell Mobile Game School Project Showcase

Showcasing gameplay, code, and mechanics all designed and programmed by me

"The Mechanical Forest" Battle System Dropdown Animation Showcase

Showcasing the animation and code used for the menu transitions all made by me

"Cardy Dungeoneering"

Android Game Showcase

Android Game me, and three other students made as a class project. I was incharge of programming the player character and the enemy events the player encounters while exploring

"Escape From the Abandoned Robot Factory" Level Design I Final

Level Design I Final Project. This project aimed to make a 3-5 minute game with a theme and a primary game mechanic. I decided to do horror as my theme. As my primary mechanic, I made buttons that activate either a door or a particular function when they were shot at(all the assets were given to me, but for the button, I had to model and program them).


What I'm working on


The Mechanical Forest(portfolio project game in development)

"The Mechanical Forest" is a 2D sidescroller dungeon exploration game that inherits the 2D dungeon likeness of "Darkest Dungeon" but uses a unique battle system, game huds and systems, and VN-styled storytelling. This is a game that I am leading with the roles of leader, game designer, programmer #1, and story writer. We hope to finish this short game by the end of the year. It is an experimental game to test things such as "how to make a game" and to make a fully polished product. This will most likely be over a 3-5 hour game. 

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