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2024 ATEC Capstone Project:

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The Sky Soldiers Final Test

What Is This Game?

"The Sky Soldiers Final Test" is an arcade boss shooter where the player controls a character called the Sky Soldier trying to complete a VR test before heading out into the real fight.

How did I make it?

By using Unreal's blueprint System, I was able to create all the game's mechanics without coding any of them via scripts. For Models for the environment and characters, I looked up free assets from the Unreal store and imported them into my game. For music, I used nonlicensed music and just used them in-game, same for the menu background image, nonlicensed so I wouldn't have to worry about copyright.

In Engine Images:



Game Design Documents:


These are the documents I drew for the game. Since this game was essentially a test of game mechanics, I was able to only focus on what mattered

Why Did I Make This Game?

One of my favorite games when I grew up was an arcade rail shooter Wii game called "Sin And Punishment: Star Successors". What made this game great was its well-done action to keep you on your feet the whole time, bosses that are all unique and have many different ways to be taken down, and last and most importantly, the high-quality music of the game. I may not be able to really well replicate the mechanics, but I can at least make a good tribute to this wonderful game.

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